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Fun with photo manips

Yeah, it's me again. No icons or music videos this time, though. While experimenting in Photoshop, I managed to create a pretty nifty manip of Andrew and Warren. Nothing all that dirty or anything, but I was pretty proud of it and thought maybe some people here might like it.

I'm really still learning how to use the program, so though this seems impressive to me it may be craptastical to anyone who knows what they're doing with Photoshop. Still, I hope some of you like it.

I made two versions of it.

Here's the original finished product:

Here's one I screwed around with some more to make it look like it was outside at night:


If anyone's curious, these are the pictures I used to make the image.

From Dead Things - Season 6

From First Date - Season 7

<3 - Gayle
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