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I have been recently been re-watching Buffy and more specifically, series Six and Seven, which has totally rekindled my love and joy of Warren/Andrewness. Which has prompted spending nearly the past 48 hours reading every bit of fan fiction (some of them for like the third and forth time) I could get my paws on, although it seems to be harder to find than it used to be! I know W/A is a smaller ship than most, but does anyone know of recent fics out that wouldn't be easily located via. old archives and entries and such? I've been reading everything everywhere but am hoping there's still some hidden gems out there :)

In total self-pimpage, I have myself recently written a Warren/Andrew fanfic, called Between Needing and Wanting, short one-off and I'd really appreciate any comments/critique you have to offer. It's rated 'R' out of pure safety.

And so yes, hello!
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